Like, how can some of PLL fans say Lindsey isn’t attractive or that she’s ugly ?!

Damn, girl looks fine !

I think its just that the designers at PLL aren’t really interested at showing her hot side. She was more feminine in season 1-2 and then they agree to give her a butch look to contrast with Emily who is really feminine. I would like them to show her beauty more.

lindsey shaw paige mccullers amen

Let the shipping wars commence


Oh Emily, you wally!

So, I’m not even going to venture into the Paily fandom tonight, because I have no desire to witness what must be mass hysteria and uncontrollable fits of crying intersped with vows of vengence.

I have to say though, I understand the headspace Emily is in right now.


this is so true omg i wanted to type out a post similar to this luckily i found this it's soooo accurate to how i feel sigh sobs pll paily babies


So I think what bothers me the most about this current Emison storyline thing on PLL (not that I’ve been watching it), is that Shay is 9 years older than Sasha. I mean, Sasha is 18, sure, but no. I just.. I just can’t do it. I can’t get behind it. Give me Lindsey Shaw any day (also because she’s so much hotter).

THIS. so true i thought of the age gap too though i mean like wtf i'm freaking sasha's age do you know what lengths i would go to just to be in her place? COZ LIKE SHE GETS PAID TO MAKE OUT WITH SHAY FREAKING MITCHELL ARGH so envious gawd but yeah i want lindsey too making paily babies over emison anytime